Cath & Joie – a carnivore and a herbivore – share the passion for good food, good wine, good movies, good music, good atmosphere and anything else that starts with ‘good’.
Having been born in the land of Eastasia and brought up in Airstrip One of Oceania, their taste buds have grown more complex than ever, having the privilege of submerging in the most thriving and unique sauces and glaces.

While Cath has a love for fresh flesh and crisp shells, she is also an expert in vino e caffè – oh, and when I say expert, it only means someone who is fussy. Joie, on the other hand, can live without meat as long as there is bread and milk, and preferably sugar in the form of honey and macarons. Having met in a whirl of fury over sloppy baguette and languid wine, Cath and Joie gathered to venture the goods and decided to share their intimate dates with the rest of the world – i.e. you.

Their first date starts in Swansea, Wales.