Before we talk about the stories of Chinese New Year, here’s a piece of my childhood memory to set the scene of a typical family gathering.

I was once at my grandpa’s flat
Where hot steam gushed out the kitchen flap
Spices, dried shrimps and turnip pudding
With laughter bouncing off the ceiling

Round and round the room we went
Nodding and smiling and saying sweet words
Good health, good fortune, you’re so good-looking
Hello little red pockets, our purses are growing

Round and round the table we went
Stretching and peeking and pinching knickknacks
Gold coins, toffee and sugar-coated melons
Who cares our teeth gleams with molten cannons

At last, my favourite, the golden pudding
So sweet, so soft, so tender and loving
A dip in the yellow, a dip in the gold
Goodness gracious, all melting in one go

And what to do when one can’t stop
Strike the crackers then cheer to the top
Cheesy old films in black and white
Turning a new leaf at the dawn of light