love rules without rules…

…especially when it comes to brownies.

oh and i assure you, you will break any rules for these chocolate & raspberry cheesecake brownies. so i was supposed to be on a healthy, detox diet this week but all that “good juice” had just made my weakness for anything sweet, sugary and chocolatey reach its climax! and how better to spend a rainy day than in a nice, cosy kitchen filled with the delicious smell of molten chocolate?

the recipe can be found here. the only thing i would do – and i it with all sweet recipes – is to half the sugar! i prefer the taste of the chocolate, the eggs, and raspberries instead of pure sugar!

you know what! i halved all the ingredients too (hence, only using 1/4 of the sugar listed in the original recipe) since there’re only two of us in the house but oh-my! these brownies are so yummy i should have doubled the ingredients!

so what’s so special about them? well, they are soft. they are gooey. they are perfect! i just love the melt-in-the-mouth brownie with the occasional chunks of white chocolate. and who doesn’t love cheesecake? oh, and those raspberries just add the touch of freshness into the brownies, making them simply perfect!

you know how people say you should always eat to live rather than live to eat? while, in my view, people  who think that are just on a completely different tangent! i definitely live to eat! especially with these heavenly brownies lying around!