so, who’s that gorgeous man drifting through the streets of paris in the 60’s? oh yes, that’s jean-paul belmondo, the dashing adventurer starring in l’homme de rio. oh and just for the ladies who always dream of being in love with a noble man, well, he is a true knight, a real knight in real life.

you may be wondering, paris? so where did rio (in the film title) come from? well, darling, of course they went to rio. in fact, most of the movie was made in the nascent brasilia. here are some of my favourite snapshots of the movie, showing the new capital of brazil in its embryonic form, featuring some of  the infamous oscar niemeyer architectures.

oh yea, and to see the parachutes, alligators, murderers and women – buy the dvd! it’s totally worth it. this movie is exhilarating, it’s witty, it’s fun, it’s just a joy to watch. and now, let’s turn to the true artist/architecture, oscar niemeyer, shall we?