stars are tiny
small with glory.
what’s your story
little amore?

bright and orange,
like an orange.
that one falling,
through the ceiling.

catch it! catch it!
precious object!
little fella
loosing his magic.

you’re so tiny
where’s your glory?
don’t be battered,
i’ll kiss you better.

flick it! flip it!
farewell darling!
fly back to your
castle dwelling.

shine with lustre
twinkling, wiggling.
feeling better
giggling, mingling.

little fella
with his fellows,
huddled by miss
giant marshmellow.

stars are tiny
small with glory.
breathing sparkles
clusters of bubbles.

sometimes we all strive to be different, unique, better, stronger… starting with a good intention, to achieve better, our conscious and subconscious wannabes stir up a fury inside and around us. why all the fuss? afterall we’re only human – tiny particles in the universe. take it easy and have fun. we only look like tiny stardusts from outer space. give it a twirl little starletts. spread your smile across the globe.