What are your favourite things?
Raindrops on roses?
Or, whiskers on kittens?

Mine are the fragrant haze of
café au lait, which
sweetly chants me awake.

And the soupçon mint kiss
ushered with butter tuile
that slowly melted away.

Now, plunge in the bowl
of sweet young ripe grapes,
and burst them afresh today.

How ’bout a crêpe cone-shaped?
Or a croissant with amandes flakes?
Just a little crescent for your escape!

I have many a favourite things
But breakfast foremost
abide my sweetest darling.

Hopefully you will agree that the short film above poise blithely the effervescence of breakfast.
Now, the clip below shares the jovial venture of the making of the playful film.

Bon appétit! I’m looking forward to my morning treat!