after days of mauve-grey skies, it’s time to add a splash of colour to that canvas! this is the ultimate summer soup i assure you! it refreshes you like a nice calm breeze on a sunny day… with a little kick.

Sweet Pea Summer Soup

What you’ll need:

500g    x    fresh british peas (shelled)
1/2    x    galia melon (diced)
2    x    halved melon shells
4stalks    x    spring onions (roughly chopped)
1/2pint    x    vegetable stock
10g    x    carrot (peeled and finely diced)
10g    x    cucumber (de-seeded and finely diced)
10g    x    cooked beetroot (finely diced)
4stalks    x    young asparagus (chop up the rough stalks and leave 3inches for the tips)
2dollops    x    natural bio yoghurt
a dash    x    white wine vinegar
a dash    x    sugar

makes 2 first-course servings

  1. first of all, we need to prepare a tasty little relish for our soup, and it’s so easy! simply put your finely diced carrots and cucumber into a little bowl and add a dash of white wine vinegar so it just covers it all and add half the amount of sugar (in comparison to the vinegar used). now set it aside for about 15-20 minutes – more than enough time to make your soup!
  2. okay, here we go. so fry a little olive oil over medium heat and add the spring onion circles, fry for a couple of minutes. and before it gets brown add the stock.
  3. now turn up the heat and when the stock boils, add the peas and the asparagus (tips and stalks). boil the peas and asparagus stalks for 6 minutes and the asparagus tips for 2 – yes! rescue them before they droop!
  4. meanwhile plunk the melon cubes into a liquidiser and whiz till it becomes a soft purée.
  5. when the peas are ready (cooked and lovely and green), plonk them, including the stock, in with the melon purée and, again, whiz til it’s nice and smooth.
  6. pour them into the reserved melon shells, add a dollop of yoghurt and start decorating with the relish, asparagus and beetroot! i’ve also reserved a little melon and peas for garnishing.
now, go and enjoy the summer breeze!