feeling stressed? there’re different ways of expressing yourself; you can cry, run, slide, jump, scream, twist, shout, dance, thump, sigh… and we all do it, both men and women. the society might have portrayed a different view of emotions in the sexes but both men and women have the same level of arousal and emotion. the only difference is that “emotions live in the background of a man’s life and the foreground of a woman’s,” says psychologist Josh Coleman, PhD, author of The Lazy Husband. and bringing the hidden emotions forward can help iron out creases. wanna know more? keep reading here

go on, twist and twirl.

the playful video displayed above, ‘boys don’t cry’, is a collaboration between artist Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, choreographer David Ingram, and musician Ben Sollee. it’s a story about bitter soul turns sweet through a blend of physical expression with the body. it’s full of fun and staccato with a soupçon melancholy.