sleep no more is an immersive presentation of shakespeare’s macbeth, produced by punchdrunk, a british theater company, who has transformed three abandoned warehouse into mckittrick hotel, a labyrinth of a hundred rooms where blood-splattering tragedy takes place. audiences, all wearing white masks, explore the story at their own pace, walking down the corridors, entering cluttered rooms, peering through the doorway, watching sensational scenes, running and dancing with the performers, and being totally immersed in the eerie and disorientating visual, metaphorical choreography and theatre. the story slowly unfolds through shadows, suspense, and a threat of what lies in the darkness. even though i haven’t had the opportunity to experience the show first-hand, it has reminded me of the stirking experience i’ve had at the enchanted palace and the denis severs house in london, where you develop a certain intimacy with each room.

at the enchanted palace, wildworks international theatre company has brought alive the emotional stories of seven princesses through visual and sound effects, live performances, as well as installation from leading designers such as vivienne westwood, william tempest, and stephen jone. a truly magical journey with gorgeous artwork, performers interacting around the palace, as well as the ghost of the wildboy.

over at spitalfields market, 18 folgate street, is where dennis severs lived from 1979 to 1999.  during that twenty years, dennis had created a collection of atmospheres, a time capsule that is now open to the public. as visitors step in to the georgian terraced house, they are transported back to various historic periods. each room had been brought to life with the ultimate sensory experience such as real flickering candles, recordings of a running carriage, half-eaten bread and the smell of hot apple pie. it is as if the imaginary occupants of the Jervis family had just left the room. a sensual and harmonious symphony for the visual, auditory and olfactory senses.