the little burrow of sketty stands some outstanding eateries, and one of those is Vincent’s.
passing through an unassuming front door, cath and i entered an unexpectedly gratifying culinary experience.
after a fair starter, we were overwhelmed by our main courses and more astonished by the simplest slice of cheesecake.

starter: baked field mushrooms with a spinach, ricotta and pine nut stuffingtopped with a basil and parmesan crust.

seafood special: monkfish with scallops and king prawns with a red pepper jus.
the combination of fleshy seafood complements each other brilliantly, adding flavours and textures.
cath especially loved the grilled prawns. the sweet red pepper jus adds life into the dish with its simple freshness.

vegetarian option: mushroom, asparagus, walnut and celery pancaketopped with blue cheese.
the strong flavours collide to make an explosion of flavoursome aura.
a pile of tender vegetables drizzled with melted blue cheese, sitting on a bed of crisp edged pancakes.
the celery and asparagus could have been left more crunchy but the creamy sauce has made up to it.
it’s great for dunking in those crispy chips.

side order:
potato chipsfresh, crisp, and un-oily

baileys and caramel cheesecakesmooth, creamy, and delicious
this adds a perfect finish to our meal. the distinctive taste baileys doesn’t overpower the delicate caramel.
the smooth and creamy texture goes brilliantly with the buttery base.

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