in less than a month’s time, our little weak bodies will be transferred onto the sun-drenched streets of milan and the lulling vine yards and cellars in the emilia-romagnia region. and what can one do in the midst of such torturous anticipation? when an elevation of awe-inspiring mirage dazzle one’s whole field of vision in a boundless marathon? streetful of vogue houses, soft mountains of curling gelato, the pale-yellow parmigiano-reggiano trees and orchards dotted with glistening red fruits… the only way to calm those twisted fibres in my head is to start planning this long-waited vacation. but before i start delving in the vast pools of travel books and sites and blogs, here comes my summer wish list. hmm… i’m thinking soft curls and muffled, light, muted fabrics… and a tinge of sparkle and colour, for my spilling excitement must be expressed.

1. recently i’ve fallen for this double topsy pony look! it’s simple to do and looks gorgeous! check out how it’s done here .
2. another summer staple is the simple white top! i just love this tank from RVCA .
3. one of course cannot leave the house without a bit of floating lightness! i like a full length chiffon skirt in black.
4. pop a floppy hat on and i’m almost ready.

now that the basic armours are on, it’s time to hang the baubles!

5. one can’t leave without a pair of 50’s shades and nothing can beat these baroque cat eyes by Prada.
6. oh and this clear honey PVC belt is just perfect over a plain white dress!
7. what will summer be without a bit of flamingo pink? this gorgeous pouch is available from net-a-porter.
8. ready to go? let the golden ballerinas take you by your feet.
9. oh, and don’t forget your frosting! Check out these yummy gemmies.
10. or if you want something less dangly, pop these neon-yellow studs into the soft lopes of your ears, they look so good that i want to pop them into my mouth!
11. still want something a little more subtle? this rio health bracelet has the perfect balance.