don’t you just love a bit of bow wow wow with ♥ marie antoinette?
i just can’t, i just can’t stop loving it.

what fascinates me is just how the soft, pastelly colours of the cakes and buns and shoes and gowns and wigs and walls and the whole lot go so well with the bow and wow of the 80s new romantic punk! not usually a great fan of hard rock and punk but while my eyes feast on the scrumptious matrix of pale greens and pinks and kirsten dunst’s sweet lips, all of a sudden, i love it all. it’s funny how the visual impacts the audio and vice versa and together they impact the whole perceptual experience from tiny molecules of light particles and sound waves to the sense of pleasure and enjoyment as a result of a synchronised clash of sounds and beats and colour and emotion that we all strive for everyday to satisfy our subconscious needs, the wild elephant, the true self, or the freudian id.

so thank you sofia coppola, for stringing marie antoinette with bow wow wow and vavaldi and candy-floss-like wigs and feathers and ruffles and silk and buckles so it becomes a reality for us to permit ourselves to like what we love, even when our pleasure is subdued by the delay.

oh, did i mention i love the Château de Versailles?