20110911-110521.jpgi’ve just caught a bug and if i put it under a microscope it would look like a little blue bird.
as cute as it looks, this bug is ferocious, swallowing me up whole, taking over my mind, my body, my world.
my immune system had failed to defence as it binary fissions at the speed of light.

if you’re experiencing attentional biases and getting kicked in your butt for not paying attention to the girlfriend, high excitability in the case of a new follower, sleeplessness because you’re too busy tweeting, mental overload as there is too much you want to tweet about, oh, and back-/bottom-pain for staying in a single position for too long, then you may have twitter addiction like i do, which is probably under the umbrella of internet addiction.

it’s serious, people could die from internet addiction. a study in south korea shows that 10 people had died from blood clots from sitting for too long in internet cafes (see article from the guardian). although there is still debate as to whether or not internet addiction should be included in the book of diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorder (DSM), south korea considers internet addiction as one of its most serious public health issues.

well, i guess i’m not that addicted yet. but why do people tweet? well, it’s all about publicity for companies and famous people but why do ordinary people like me tweet? well, one obvious attraction is its ability to give you a glimpse of news you might be interested in from the amazing people you follow! but that doesn’t explain why i tweet. i tweet things that no one in the world would want to know unless they secretly love me like my dad who loves to know whatever i get up to, or they could hate me and thrive in reading my gibberish frenzy that makes no sense to anyone but myself. but you know what, despite the fact that i’m over the moon when i have a new follower (meaning i like the attention, really), i think i tweet and blog for my own good as in i’m writing/typing to get a continuous flow of energy to circulate from my mind through my spinal cord to my arms and hands and fingers and the page and back to my eyes and brain until i kill the hunger in my stomach for expression; until i’m satisfied with my line of thoughts. is this making sense to anyone at all? i doubt there is anyone reading it but so what? writing feels so good! but putting to simply, what i’m trying to say is that writing one thing simply leads to another, and once that circuitry in your brain is up and running, you’ll be sub/consciously generating new ideas and thoughts that’s eager to leave your fingertips.

for me, twitter is just another tree where i hang my thoughts.