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the sky was a dirty white and the air so cool, we walked along fredericiagade, nibbling at the long loaf of sweet bread we’d bought in the morning from lagkagehuset, one of our favourite bakeries in town. fragranted with cinnamon and honey, loosely braided with custard a pale yellow oozing out, we teared at it as we walked towards the design museum. one bite and the almond flakes crackle over the soft plump bread. the  design museum danmark is housed in the former royal frederick hospital, an elegant rococo building built in the mid-eighteenth century by king frederic v’s court architect nicolai eigtved. the collections took us on an accelerating ride from medieval crafts to urban designs of today, including early eastern inspirations, popular porcelain and faice from renaissance, elegant twirls of art noveau, innovative avant garde designs, and simple functionistic pieces by paul kenningsen, philippe starck, arne jacobsen, peter jensen and so on.

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20110911-110521.jpgi’ve just caught a bug and if i put it under a microscope it would look like a little blue bird.
as cute as it looks, this bug is ferocious, swallowing me up whole, taking over my mind, my body, my world.
my immune system had failed to defence as it binary fissions at the speed of light.

if you’re experiencing attentional biases and getting kicked in your butt for not paying attention to the girlfriend, high excitability in the case of a new follower, sleeplessness because you’re too busy tweeting, mental overload as there is too much you want to tweet about, oh, and back-/bottom-pain for staying in a single position for too long, then you may have twitter addiction like i do, which is probably under the umbrella of internet addiction.
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sleep no more is an immersive presentation of shakespeare’s macbeth, produced by punchdrunk, a british theater company, who has transformed three abandoned warehouse into mckittrick hotel, a labyrinth of a hundred rooms where blood-splattering tragedy takes place. audiences, all wearing white masks, explore the story at their own pace, walking down the corridors, entering cluttered rooms, peering through the doorway, watching sensational scenes, running and dancing with the performers, and being totally immersed in the eerie and disorientating visual, metaphorical choreography and theatre. the story slowly unfolds through shadows, suspense, and a threat of what lies in the darkness. even though i haven’t had the opportunity to experience the show first-hand, it has reminded me of the stirking experience i’ve had at the enchanted palace and the denis severs house in london, where you develop a certain intimacy with each room.

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cellophane . paint . hair gel . shampoo . glass . cling film . body moisturiser . sellotape . paint . sugar paper . chalk . paint . concealer stick . foundation . fake tan . sugar paper . chalk . ribbon . hair gel . nail vanish . plater . paint . petroleum jelly . polythene . rubber gloves . cellophane . sellotape . paint . soap . body moisturiser . toothpaste . cling film . cif cream . nail varnish . fabric dye powder . cellophane . paint . sellotape . thread . sugar paper . chalk . thread . polythene . plaster powder . powder paint . thread . plaster powder . powder paint . sugar paper . chalk . concealer stick . sawdust . powder paint .  

“Just because something is an object now doesn’t mean it always was or always will be. That fascinates me.”

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feeling stressed? there’re different ways of expressing yourself; you can cry, run, slide, jump, scream, twist, shout, dance, thump, sigh… and we all do it, both men and women. the society might have portrayed a different view of emotions in the sexes but both men and women have the same level of arousal and emotion. the only difference is that “emotions live in the background of a man’s life and the foreground of a woman’s,” says psychologist Josh Coleman, PhD, author of The Lazy Husband. and bringing the hidden emotions forward can help iron out creases. wanna know more? keep reading here

go on, twist and twirl.

the playful video displayed above, ‘boys don’t cry’, is a collaboration between artist Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, choreographer David Ingram, and musician Ben Sollee. it’s a story about bitter soul turns sweet through a blend of physical expression with the body. it’s full of fun and staccato with a soupçon melancholy.