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… breakfast time. when the sun is gently seeping through the window, the tea freshly brewed, the heat from a warm oven kissing the bubbling goods, and a clean table ready to host the feast.


rubies and gold granola

250g    rolled oats
15g    hemp seeds
35g    cashew nuts
35g    pecans
150g   almonds
2 tbs    apple sauce
2 tsp    ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp    ground cardamom
2 tbs    golden syrup
3 tbs    honey
50g    light brown sugar
a pinch of    salt crystals
a good dash of    olive oil
100g    dried berries
(strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries)
50g    dried apricots

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mid-autumn is one of my favourite holidays. it’s also one that’s filled with endless memories: my big white rabbit lantern with its bright red eyes and fushia-lemon stripy bottom. my sisters and i used to have different lanterns every year, sometimes mum makes one out of pomelo skin; sometimes we buy them from the little chinese incense stall at wan chai market; and other times we fight over see-through plastic ones in the shape of our favourite cartoon characters. we would buy them well before mid-autumn and look after them like our own babies and as soon as the moon comes out on mid-autumn night, we’d eat dinner extra-quickly and run downstairs to light our lanterns with our neighbours on the streets.
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having been lost in the words of To the Lighthouse, and slowly waking the once sleeping dragon of soft philosophical ponders that laid deep on the floor of my mind, i had not forgotten my other passion in life, breakfast, this time, in a tart. Read the rest of this entry »

what’s your favourite food for lunch? cath’s all time favourite is calamari, especially on a sunny day with a pint of ice cold beer.
this time i made a little twist to the usual calamari recipe. this is calamari with a hint of lemon, thai style.

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the little burrow of sketty stands some outstanding eateries, and one of those is Vincent’s.
passing through an unassuming front door, cath and i entered an unexpectedly gratifying culinary experience.
after a fair starter, we were overwhelmed by our main courses and more astonished by the simplest slice of cheesecake.

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the aromatic and heavenly infusion of juicy raspberries, toasted almonds, fresh orange, maple syrup and a little kick of cointreau. what more do you want from a breakfast? oh! i know! a fluffy bed of pancakes with a sprinkle of wholesomeness. so here we are, breakfast of the day is…

Raspberry Pancakes with Orange Maple

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after days of mauve-grey skies, it’s time to add a splash of colour to that canvas! this is the ultimate summer soup i assure you! it refreshes you like a nice calm breeze on a sunny day… with a little kick.

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I’ve got just the recipe for those gloomy days before the real summer kicks off. It’s a simple one-pot that’s low in fat, high in protein, what’s more, it’s delicious and satisfies our carbohydrate turmoil without guilt!

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What are your favourite things?
Raindrops on roses?
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