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… breakfast time. when the sun is gently seeping through the window, the tea freshly brewed, the heat from a warm oven kissing the bubbling goods, and a clean table ready to host the feast.


having been lost in the words of To the Lighthouse, and slowly waking the once sleeping dragon of soft philosophical ponders that laid deep on the floor of my mind, i had not forgotten my other passion in life, breakfast, this time, in a tart. Read the rest of this entry »

the aromatic and heavenly infusion of juicy raspberries, toasted almonds, fresh orange, maple syrup and a little kick of cointreau. what more do you want from a breakfast? oh! i know! a fluffy bed of pancakes with a sprinkle of wholesomeness. so here we are, breakfast of the day is…

Raspberry Pancakes with Orange Maple

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What are your favourite things?
Raindrops on roses?
Or, whiskers on kittens? Read the rest of this entry »